Meet Justin


I'm a Tech-Junky/Social Media Hackin'/HTML-Tweakin'/Japanese-Translatin' kinda guy.

What else did you want to know?

I have a lovely wife named Renée. We have two amazing children, Kaylee and Sebastian. I live in San Diego and I work as an IT Manager. I'm a lifetime student of Japanese language and culture. In my free time, I watch/translate anime, read manga, waste time on PC and console games, try exotic food (and take numerous pictures) and occasionally challenge my cats to staring contests. (My record is pretty much 50/50.)

I have 10 level-capped WoW toons (one of each class), I'm an ordained minister (thanks, Internet!) and I'm somewhat handy at making balloon animals. So, if you need someone to join your raid, get you married in a jiffy, or make a child stop crying for two and a half minutes, I can be your guy!

I am an infrequent editor for the local Mensa group's newsletter, a voracious reader, and a frequent "verbivorous" over-sharer on Facebook. I'm passionate about technology, language, and foreign cultures. What I already know can only scratch the surface, but I share what I can and I am an eager student of life.

I used to run a local San Diego Anime club and fansub group called Wasabi Anime, that met once a month. I now run a translation clearinghouse company called Wasabi Media.