To those of you without children, this will probably sound woefully pedestrian, but today, Kaylee ate her first regular baby food.

It wasn't the bland rice cereal that she's been gulping down for the past month, no... this was SQUASH! With great anticipation, I sat her down and buckled her in for a new experience and let me tell you--

She hated it! She gagged exaggeratedly, gave me a quizzical "what the hell are you thinking?" look, and scrunched up her nose in sheer disgust. The funny thing is... after each bite... she would reach for the spoon and jam it into her mouth again.

Well, not very uncommon, but still an amusing experience. In the weeks to come, she'll learn to like all kinds of veggies, but I'll always remember today and the yuck-face it garnered from my daughter.

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