Happy Easter, everyone. My beagle puppy, Amadeus is now nine weeks old and I get to look forward to bringing him to the vet this week! Whee!

I've finished my first of eighteen classes to earn my bachelor's degree and I start work at my new job tomorrow morning! If that's not enough, I'm also wrapping up translation on a Pen & Ink - How To manual for inking manga, a YaOI book called "Time Lag", and commencing work on Trigun Maximum 7 and a couple of Let's Draw Manga volumes.

Between all of that, plus housebreaking a puppy, starting my Employment Law class, and smothering Kaylee with affection... I'm going to be a busy guy! I'll do my best to keep posting cute pictures of Kaylee on her website, though. If you haven't seen them yet, go check out her first visit to the zoo!

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