Happy Lame Duck Day!

On February 6, 1933, the 20th amendment to the U.S. Constitution took effect to address presidential succession. So today is "Lame Duck Day." Oh yeah, and that Super Bowl thingy.So what is a lame duck and why does today commemorate this not-so-auspicious-sounding fowl? Lame Duck Day is observed for those whose tenure in a position is coming to an end. As such, the individual is likely to be seen as ineffective. (Also known around the office as "short-timers' syndrome.)

What about you? When the "writing's on the wall," does that modify your behavior? Are you likely to skate on through, putting forth little to no effort? Or are you determined to roll up your sleeves and redouble your efforts in the limited time you have remaining?

No judgment here, just curious how circumstances affect people differently. Are there mitigating factors that would impact how you respond to being shown the door?

At any rate, Happy Lame Duck Day. Cheers!

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