Happy National Tortilla Chip Day!

Take some time out of your busy day today to regard the humble tortilla chip. While there is some contention over where they originated, as they are traditionally made from corn, it seems most likely they were born in South and Central America.

For me, tortilla chips hold a particular distinction in that they were the very first thing ever snatched off my plate by my son as an infant. He acquired the taste early and has never wavered. To say Sebastian likes tortilla chips is akin to saying koalas like eucalyptus or Garfield likes pasta. Since the age of 1 ½, he's been shoveling them in his gob with the frenzy of John Henry laying down railroad tracks. He even dips them in the spiciest of salsas (and then spends the next five minutes sucking air through his clenched teeth dramatically).

Kaylee is fond of chips as well, but there is no comparison. I'm sure Jon Arbuckle likes lasagna, too (after all, who keeps baking these monstrosities for the morbidly obese cat?), but I digress.

My point is this is a day well suited for observance in the Burns house. The dog biscuits from yesterday weren't quite the hit they could have been.

Until tomorrow, gentle reader, have a Happy National Tortilla Chip Day!

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