Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?

Pretty soon, you're going to see another round of so-called "cryptic" statuses from attention-seekers pretending they're helping "raise awareness" for breast cancer by not mentioning a word about it. Like all of the other preceding Facebook memes, this one is a variation on a much older one. You may remember the forehead-slapping trend of people posting drink names as code for their relationship status about six months ago. This is more of the same.

Here's a handy guide to help you quickly navigate through the tedium.

Blueberry: I'm desperate for attention.
Pineapple: I think I'm Bohemian, but more likely I just don't pick up on social cues.
Raspberry: I'm easy.
Apple: I'm insufferable.
Cherry: I've got the attention I need right now, but I still want just a *little* bit more.
Banana: My life is boring. Maybe my spouse will comment on my status if I do this.
Avocado: I'm terribly insecure.
Strawberry: I'm desperate for attention, but I don't like the attention I get.
Lemon: I sure hope my significant other doesn't have a Facebook account.
Grape: I hate my last name.

There. Now go talk about breast cancer.

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